trialbyfaith (trialbyfaith) wrote,

Who the Hell am I?

Two posts in one night! Can you beat that?

Actually, it occurred to me after my first post that I've added a few more names to the friends list, and I may add a few more in the next couple days, and some of you may have no idea who the hell I am. Some of you may know me as Dan, some may remember me not too long ago as Longdogger Pete, some may remember me much much longer ago as Tigs Syren. That should pretty much cover everything. These days I'm known in most circles merely as Doggah.

Fascinating stuff. Really.
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You're, like, the only person I know who remembers all their chars. I was talking to Angie and Cassie a few weeks ago, complaining that I would never find anyone, because who's going to write down their characters from years ago on their blog or whatever so I can find them? And then you prove me wrong. I can't even remember the names of most of my chars, aside from the Kits, Robin, and Roya.
Nice to see you too Kitters.

Those were just my most well-known characters. Check out my userinfo and you'll see every character in every game I have ever played in the last 15 years. At least, all the ones I could think of, and I don't think I missed many.

And I'd try to help you Kit, but I don't remember any of your characters either (besides the aforementioned Kit and Roya). You weren't in my Project Delta sim, were you, so no character there I'd remember.
::hangs head;: I remember most of mine, but I had a few characters that were short-lived that I don't remember anymore.

But hey, I had Lisa (of the many names), Anne (of the many plot twists), Trikela (of the sim that would not let her leave EVEN TO THIS FRIGGIN' DAY, even when I HAVEN'T SHOWN UP IN MONTHS), the Nywoe of DOOM, and then there was TFL characters: Andaliah, Reagan, Alanna, Trikela again (same character, different part of her life)... uh... that's all I can remember right now. Oh yeah, T'Mela. Oh, I think there was a bitch named Blaine, and one that was a prostitute for like, five minutes.
Wasn't Alana also a prostitute for, like, five minutes?
I don't remember that. I remember having a prostitute work for Jason for a while.
Who are you again? You seem vaguely familiar.


But I still love you, stranger!
The Tigs name sounds familiar, but I'm drawing a blank.

I'm so terrible! ::hangs head::
Does Kallan ring any bells?
Poor Angie... ::hugs:;

OK, I was hoping you'd remember me on my own, but you'd better remember me as Dan... as in, Leslie's fiance.
Now I remember!
Oh, dear.

I've been away too long :)