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Returned I have!

Yeah, you thought I was gone, didn't you? Just because I haven't updated in a few days...

I'm talking to my dad again. It's interesting catching up on events of the last few years, and weird at the same time. I've mentioned my wedding but don't know yet if he's interested in coming. We're still in the process of catching up.

I haven't told my mom about any of this yet, though it's possible she already knows (since my brother knows).

Speaking of my mom, she's informed me that she's become friends with John Mayer. Seriously. As in they correspond regularly (every couple of days, apparently) through both phone and email. A little odd, but interesting.

I'm behind on far too many things online. I want my computer back. (It's been virused and I've been using Leslie's.) That's one of the things I'm behind on, unfortunately.

This was another. But now I've posted again, and so you all get to hear from your wonderful friend (?!) for another day.

I like these big head moods. Leslie says they look just like me.
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