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I'm not even going to get into the situation with my brother at this time since those of you closest to me probably already know the situation through Leslie anyway. Besides, that seems too much like really talking, and we can't have that here, can we?

However I thought I'd let you know how things were progressing with my dad. Things seem to be going well. There's a dialogue again and it's great... it's a real relief.

I received numerous Christmas cards this week but one of them really stood out. It was from my paternal grandmother (my dad's mother), someone else I haven't spoken too in years (because I pretty much cut ties with that entire side of the family) and it had a two page letter in it and a check for $100. ??!!

OK, let me stress that I did *not* resume speaking to my dad just because it was December and I was trying to weasel out extra Christmas gifts. In truth I did not expect this or the gift that my dad sent me. I started speaking to him again because I'm getting married in five months and we're sending out invitations soon, so it was down to the wire to decide whether I wanted to invite him. I do, and I will.
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